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Interest Rates Moving Lower 3.19.09

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


Great news for buyers!  After the Fed’s annoucement yesterday of buying 300 billion dollars worth of long term treasuries, we saw interest rates dip signficantly today.  I regularly monitor around 3 local banks to see what current rates are doing.  Today, our local banks seem to be between 4.75-5.00%, which is about .50% less than a week ago.  Should anybody want lending references, I’m more than happy to provide a list of a few people that we regularly work with.  What great rates though!!! 

Now is a great time to get out there and explore our market.  With some great new properties hitting the market each week, take advantage before the summer season is fully upon us.

Also, our new google mapping feature should be live on our, and sites shortly.  We encourage you to check it out, and please feel free to give us any feedback.  (good, bad, or otherwise :))  We really aim to respond to the needs of our clients & customers and if there’s something out there that would be helpful to you, please don’t be shy.  I get lots of feedback from people each week.

And, for those of you college basketball fans, today marks the start of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament!  Work may be a little less productive in March :) is supposed to have games broadcasted live and for free.

Thanks, and Think Spring!


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Think Spring!!

Monday, March 16th, 2009

lake2Well, the warm weather this weekend too care of a good portion of the snow.  We’re supposed to have a beauiful week full of “spring like weather”.  We’re already seeing this weather drive up inquiries and are seeing folks book in appointments to come up to look at recreational properties.

New Mapping Feature.  People have repeatedly asked us about mapping our listings, and we’ve now added a map highlighting our listings on a google map.  Be sure to zoom in on the specific areas, as the “zoom out views” sometimes don’t show all of the properties.  CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE:,-91.834717&spn=0.423701,0.649567&z=10

I also encourage any of you to share experiences about the various local lakes on the individual lake blogs.  Every lake in the area offers something a little bit different, and we welcome you to share thoughts and stories.  If your lake isn’t on the blog and would like it to be, please forward me an email, and I can get it added in a matter of minutes.

We’ll also be updating the site with updated spring events and promotions in the area.


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