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Happy Memorial Day Weekend From Minong! 5.22.09

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

memorial-dayI thought I’d give a quick Friday morning post as a start to the weekend!  First and foremost, I’d like to thank the Veterans & remember those who have died in the line of duty!  We have a lot to thank them for this weekend!  Often folks forget that this weekend is a tribute to them.

Weather has been great up in the Northwoods!  We could use a little more rain though and I hope people are extremely cautious with burning/grilling over the holiday weekend.  Last I had heard, all burning and campfires were prohibited.  Before burning, please consult a source like the Corner Store in Wascott (who issues burning permits)  715-466-4220.

Market activity has continued to be very good.  Some interesting spring market trends this year.  Overall though, a very good start to the spring.  We’re looking at properties each week and expect new listings to filter in at a pretty similar rate as in years past.  In my opinion, we’re not seeing an “oversupply of properties” in our market, which says something pretty positive about our market and area.

We’ve got some great properties on the market right now.  For those who don’t check, try our website.  Some great lots on great lakes for a wide variety of budgets.

BUILDING UPDATE.  We’ve also been quoting a fair amount of small cabins for new construction.  Nothing overly roomy, but extremely functional, and along the lines of 24’x32′ plans with rustic accents, vaulted ceilings, and flexibile finishing options.  Our carpentry crews are willing to build-to-suit, including shells cabins or homes.  I have about 3 really great floorplans I’m happy to forward to anyone who’s interested.

Please everyone travel safe as I heard 32 million people are taking to the roads this weekend!



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Tuesday Update. 5-12-09

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Our office had another busy week last week.  It’s nice to see many buyers (prospective’s) have been using our PROPERTY SEEKER tool on the site.  If you’re in the market or just exploring, I’d encourage you to check it out.  CLICK:  It really helps us keep people updated.  I’ve always been big on sending emails of substance.  I like to send prospective buyers information about properties that fit their criteria or “wish lists”, and not just emails highlighting every new listing.  And, this property seeker tool works as a “brainstorming exercise”, and helps get people thinking about their own likes/dislikes.

Lending Update.  As most of you know, things have changed considerably with banks today.  However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!  We still have great relationships with our local banks and see about 75% of the buyers select local banks for their NW lending.  My recent experience/feedback.  Make an inquiry or several prior to purchasing, and by all means ask questions.  The biggest change I’ve seen lately is to allow and extra 15-30 days for timing on most of the loans.  We used to say 30 days or less was easy to close out a loan on a property.  However, with the low rates and vast amount of people refinancing, these folks are busy.

I’ve also been previewing many properties each week, and have many new listings coming that will be hitting our websites shortly.

Thanks and as always, I welcome any questions.

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