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Spring is Officially Here!

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Spring has finally arrived here in Northwestern WI! Although we’ve seen some stretches of warm weather in the past few weeks, it now appears we’re finally going to see some great weather.  Its Friday afternoon, and its 65 and sunny.  The next 10 days are looking to be just as warm too.

Saturday (tomorrow) is the WI fishing opener, which usually marks the unofficial start of the summer and the busiest season for us here at Lakewoods.  Real Estate activity has been very solid all the way through the winter for us, and is continuing to pick up.

If you’re planning on heading out on the area lakes for the fishing opener, best of luck!  Remember that early in the season, its easiest to find fish in the warmer, shallower areas.  Here is the scouting report on one of the best fishing lakes (especially early season), the Minong Flowage:

Minong Flowage — The Minong Flowage is a fertile, 1,564 acre, multi-species impoundment. Walleye is the primary species with adult population estimates of 5.5 per acre in 2010.   Fifty-four percent of adults were longer than the 15-inch limit.  The adult population was down some from seven per acre in 2005.  However, an exceptionally large year class in 2005 will be legal size boosting harvest opportunities for the 2011 season.
Largemouth bass were scarce but electrofishing catch rates doubled to 21 per hour over the last 10 years. Thirty-six percent of the bass stock is greater than 14 inches and 18 percent is greater than 16 inches.
Northern pike are not real abundant but pike of 35 to 39 inches turn up regularly in surveys. Spring electrofishing catch rates on bluegill are a modest 127 per hour with 28 percent of the stock greater than seven inches but catching a 10-inch bluegill or better is possible.  The flowage has a county campground with a boat landing, fishing pier and sand swimming beach. Eurasian milfoil is present so be sure to clean your boat of aquatic hitch hikers before you leave.
-  Larry Damman, fisheries biologist, Spooner
Click here for a link to the entire WI fishing report for 2011, provided by the Department of Natural Resources.
Have a great weekend!
Michael Brisky
Lakewoods Real Estate