Great Pumpkin Contest at Vaughn Public Library

October 16th, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Contest is for kids ages 2-17.

Bring uncarved, decorated pumpkins to the Vaughn Public Library Circulation Desk between October 15-18. Vote for your favorites October 20-29. Ask for a voting slip at the Circulation Desk. Only one vote per person, please! Pick up your pumpkin by October 30. Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners.

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Boat winterization: It’s that time of the year

October 15th, 2014

VIRGINIA, Minn. – There is still time to fish the open water across northeastern Minnesota, but for most anglers in the area it’s time to consider putting the boat away.

Winterizing is one of those things many people think about in mid-October, but either due to time or lack of knowledge, the quality of the procedure is often compromised.

It does, however, get done one way or the other — good, bad, or not — because it’s a certainty that winter is coming. And, it does not care or have mercy on an improperly stored watercraft.

Duane’s Marine in Virginia, Minn., is a full-service boat dealer that will completely winterize your boat, and offers suggestions for safe, long-term storage.

It’s a busy time with many customers bringing their boats in for preventative maintenance. Brent Dybevik was shrink wrapping a boat for storage, and Jared Isaacson was preparing a four-stroke engine for the long, cold months ahead.

“At very minimum, put the fuel stabilizer in,” said Dybevik last week. He adds that motors vary and may call for specific types of stabilizing agents. He advises to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and to avoid cutting corners with inexpensive substitutes.

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